How 7th Generation fighter jet would be

How 7th Generation fighter jet would be

The 7th generation aircraft will be completely relying  more on software/sensor fusion and automation, and less on hardware superiority.


The 7th generation fighters will be super stealthy which have a high surviability threshold under any situation & can be deployed anywhere on earth . These 7th generation fighters will  be completely stealthy visual and on radar heaving Noise cancellation technology.

Increased Speed

Out of today imaginations  subsonic to hypersonic speed with Super cruise capability which made 7th generation a unique fighter.

Unmanned  Aircraft

The 7th generation aircraft will be Unmanned UCAV with the option of a cockpit, heaving ability to with or without Pilot. It will be a Multi functional aircraft. Theses aircraft will have the ability to be broken down and fly as a drone is necessary or by a pilot depends on situations.

 Solar powered

The aircraft will be completely powered by solar which means no need for refueling or Not by Petroleum Fuels. It will get powered from solar whenever it’s required.

 Advanced  Firepower

The 7th generation fighter will carry high density explosive missiles and electro laser beams for hitting will have an advanced strike capability, it can engage and shot down satellites and other object in the air or orbits

Powerful Engines

These aircraft will twin engine which will be solar fuel powered engines Should have dual If necessary, The aircraft should fly to space , break down, come to to the Earth and rejoin again to attack targets.

Shield Wall

These aircraft have ability to create strong laser shield wall which can block Bullets and possibly some basic Missiles that might be threats to it The Plane should have a shell which can create Vacuum in the innermost region between plane and shell. This will help for faster speeds and even protection also, if necessary.

Radar & Communication

In communication and radar aspects is concern it will be a flying super computer  ( complex network warfare) aircraft allow it to have complete warfare details. It will be able to connect with ground and space as well for sharing and receiving information.

Advanced Sensors

The 7th generation Aircraft will be flying with most advanced sensors which enables it able identify individual human faces, battlefield pieces and their specifications, opposing aircraft models, and optimum weapon choice/firing solution. Synthetic vision will be state of the art- based on integration of several sensors that will provide a birds eye view to command and control centers and operators.

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