Top 10 Countries with most fighter jets

Top 10 Countries with most fighter jets

The Fighter jets is used for launching Aerial and ground military attacks on enemies but the main purpose of fighter jet is to maintain air superiority over the battlefield. As in today modern fighter jets maintaining air superiority has been considered essentials for victory In modern warfare.

The top ten countries with most fighter jets

1. USA

With total number of 3000 plus fighter jets, the United States is one of most fighter jet country in world.

The main fighter jets of United States includes 5th generation stealth F-22 Raptor, 5th generation stealth F-35 Lightning, F-15E, F-15SE,  F-16, F-18 Hornet, and F-18 Super hornet

Total number of F-22 = 200

Total number of F-35 = 200+

Total number of F-15E = 236

Total number of F-15SE = 213

Total number of F-16 = 1000

Total number of F-18 = 540

Total number of F-18 SH = 500+

2. China

On number two, we have china heaving world second largest fighter jets country which including 1700+ fighter jets. The main fighter jets of China includes 5th generation stealth fighter J-20, SU-30MKK, SU-27, Chendgu J-7, SU-35, Chendgu J-10, Shenyang J-8, Shenyang J-11, Shenyan J-16

Total number of J-20=28

Total number of SU-30MKK = 90

Total number of SU-27 = 75

Total number of SU-35 =  24

Total number of Chendgu J-7 = 750

Total number of Chendgu J-10 = 350

Total number of Shenyang J-8 = 47

Total number of Shenyang J-11 = 277

3. Russia

The total 1100 plus fighter, Russia is on number 3. The main fighter jet of Russia includes its new stealth 5th generation fighter SU-57, SU-35, SU-27, SU-30, SU-33, MIG-29, MIG-31 and MIG-35

Total number of SU-57 = 10

Total number of SU-35 = 78

Total number of SU-27 = 318

Total number of SU-30 = 122

Total number of SU-33 = 20

Total number of MIG-29 = 279

Total number of MIG-31 =  271

Total number of MIG-35 = 5

4. India

With total number 566 fighter jet India is on number 4. The main fighter jet from Indain fleet includes SU-30MKI, MIG-29, Mirage 2000, homemade HAL Tejas, MIG-21 Bison, and Dassault Rafale

Total number of SU-30MKI = 249

Total number of MIG-29 = 102

Total number of Mirage 2000 = 40

Total number of HAL Tejas = 16

Total number of MIG-21 Bison = 151

Total number of Dassault Rafale = 36 on order

5. South Korea

At number 5 we have South Korea with total number of 518 fighter jets in its fleet. The main Fighter jets of south korea includes 5th generation stealth F-35 Lightning, F-16, F-15E, FA 50 , Northrop F-5 and F-4 Phontom 2

Total number of F-16 = 168

Total number of F-15E = 59

Total number of FA-50 = 60

Total number of Northrop F-5 = 158

Total number of  F-4 Phontom 2 = 71

6. Pakistan

Pakistan is no munber 6 with total 400 fighter jet. The main fighter jet of pakistan includes F-16, JF-17, Chendgu F-7P, Dassault Mirage-3

Total number of F-16= 76

Total number of JF-17 = 120+

Total number of F-7P =120+

Total number of Dassault Mirage-3 = 80+

7. Isreal

With total number of 321 fighter jet fleet, the Isreal is on number 7. The main fighter F-16, F-15E, f-15 strike eagle  and F-35 Lightning

Total number of F-15E =58

Total number of F-35 Lightning = 14 in service total 50 order

Total number of F-15SE = 25

8. Japan

With total number of 301 fighter jets the japan is on number 8. The main fighter jets of japan fleet includes F-15E , Lockheed Martin F-35, Mitsubishi F-2,  and F-4 Phontom-2.

Mitsubishi F-2 total number of aircraft = 62

9. Taiwan

The Taiwan is on no.9 heaving total 286 fighter jets. The main fighter jet includes  F-16, FCK 1A, Mirage 200 and northrop F-5.

10. Egypt

The Egypt is on no.10 heaving 265 fighter jets including F-16, MIG-29, Mirage-2000 and Dassault Rafale

Total fighter jet= 265

Total number of F-16=218

Total number of MIG-29=15

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