Dassault Rafael and Euro fighter Typhoon- Who will Dominate on Sky

Dassault Rafael and Euro fighter Typhoon- Who will Dominate on Sky

Today we are going to compare two European fighter jets one is Dassault Rafael and the other is Euro fighter Typhoon. Let start with Rafael, Rafael is a twin-engine, delta wing, multi-role fighter jet which is developed by Dassault Aviation. Rafael designs for air superiority and ground strike.

The prototype of rafale takes into a fly in 1986 and comes into service in 2001. Rafael is developed as a modern 4++ generation fighter.

While the Euro Fighter Typhoon is a twin-engine, delta-wing fighter which is developed for air superiority. The Euro fighter Typhoon is a highly agile aircraft, designed to be a supremely effective dogfighter in combat increasingly better equipped to undertake air-to-surface strike missions as well.


Euro Fighter Typhoon

 Euro fighter typhoon was first introduced in 2003. Around 570 Euro fighter typhoons have been built so far with a per-unit cost of $117M. The aircraft comes with single-seat and two-seat variants. The fighter jet’s empty weight is 24,251lb and it can take off with a maximum weight of 51,809lb. The aircraft is powered by two Euro jet after-burning turbofan engines, which produce around 40,000 pounds of thrust combined. With the help of these engines, the aircraft can gain a top speed of 1,550mph. With a ferry range of 2,350mi, this aircraft can combat within a radius of 863mi. Euro fighter typhoon can climb at the rate of 1,043 ft/sec and can reach a maximum altitude of 65,000 feet. The fighter jet comes with 13 hardpoints in addition to a 27mm revolver cannon.

On the other hand, Rafael was first rolled out in 2001. Around 175 Rafael’s are operated by French Air Force and various nations across the globe. At present per unit cost of the latest variant is around $83M. Operated by a crew of 1 or 2, the aircraft comes in a weight of 23,369lb and the jet can take off with a maximum weight of 54,013lb. Rafael is powered by 2 turbofan engines producing 34,000 pounds of thrust combined. With the help of these engines, the aircraft can fly at a top speed of 1,381mph. With a ferry range of 2,300mi, the aircraft conduct combat operations within a radius of 1,151mi. The Rafael can climb at the rate of 1,000 ft/sec and can reach a maximum altitude of 50,000ft. The fighter jet is outfitted with 14 hardpoints in addition to a 30mm autocannon.

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The Rafael is powered with two Snecma M88 engines enables it to fly at Mach 1.8  while the Euro fighter typhoon is powered with Euro jet EJ200 afterburning turbofan engines enables it to fly at Mach 2.0.


Rafael can cover a range of 3700km while the Euro fighter can travel only 2900km. Rafael can cover more distance than Typhoon.


The Thales RBE2 passive electronically scanned radar of Rafael is claim to achieve an increased level of situational awareness and tracking of multiple air targets for close combat and a long-range interception, as well as real-time generation of three-dimensional maps for terrain-following and the real-time generation of high-resolution ground maps for navigation and targeting. The RBE2 AA is reported to deliver a greater detection range of 200 km.

The Captor-E electronically scanned radar of Euro fighter Typhoon is the future primary sensor on Euro fighter Typhoon and has a full suite of Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface modes. The Typhoon can detect aircraft at a range of 200km.


The Euro fighter Typhoon has a 30-degree instantaneous turn rate in contrast Rafael has the same turn ratio. Both of these fighters have the ability to quickly regain energy with the help of a fast climb rate.

Rafael’s canard’s wing leads to significant improvement in maximum lift and drag ratio. Rafael’s 48-degree wing sweep gives it a better lift-to-drag ratio as compare to Euro fighter Typhoon‘s 52 degrees. The Rafael has better maneuverability as compare to Typhoon. The Rafael can achieve a 100 to the 110-degree angle of attack while the typhoon is limited only to 70degree.


The typhoon is the faster aircraft and has a significantly superior thrust to weight and higher service ceiling while the Rafael has better maneuverability than the typhoon. The Rafael can turn more quickly than a typhoon but the typhoon can sustain high Gs for a longer time without losing speed. Both of the fighter jets is heaving almost similar ferry range. Both of these fighter jets can carry an advanced electronic warfare suite that is equipped with decoys and jammers.

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