F-22 Raptor vs J-20 Mighty Dragon

F-22 Raptor vs J-20 Mighty Dragon

Today we are going to compare two most powerful 5th generation fighter jet in the world. That is the F-22 Raptor and J-20 of China. The China new J-20 official named as powerful dragon is one of the most powerful 5th generation fighter developed by Chengdu  aerospace corporation. The J-20 has been develop in 2011 for testing  and comes into the service in 2017 for the first time. After 2017, the Chendgu aerospace continue to produce more warplanes for People Liberation army air force.

On the other hand the F-22 Raptor is develop by Lockheed martin as world most advanced fighter plane for US air force. The exports of F-22 is completely banned in order to protect its stealth technology. The F-22 Raptor take its first flight in 1997 and comes into the service in 2005 as world first 5th stealth fighter in the world.

Combat radius:


Fuel capacity:


Engine & Speed:

the F-22 Raptor is powered with Pratt & Whitney F-119 turbo fans engine which allows  it to fly at a maximum speed of mach 2.25. on other hand the J-20 is powered with WS-10b after burning turbofans engine which allows it to fly at a maximum speed of mach 2.


The internal bay of j-20 is capable of  6 short and long range missiles while the  4 hard points on wings is capable of carry other armaments

The F-22 Raptor carries four weapons in internal bay and the wings can carries up to eight in external bay on side wings.


Stealth is a key foundation of both these fighter jets. The F-22 Raptor design maximized sensor evasion with diamond-shaped wings and sharp faceted surfaces. The speed brake, weapon bay doors and engine exhausts are serrated to minimize. the aircraft’s radar signature on a large vertical canted tails reduce the fighter infrared signature from certain angles. The aircraft metallic surfaces are all is coated with radar absorbing material.

The J-20’s nose and canopy use a similar stealth shaping design as the F-22, yielding similar signature performance in a mature design at the front, while the aircraft’s side and axis-symmetric engine nozzles may expose the aircraft to radar.

So in a final conclusion, the F-22 is more stealthy than J-20 .

Maneuverability :

The use of the super computer helped make the F-22 highly maneuverable specially at high angle of attack. The key F-22 feature is the use of trust vectoring in the pitch axis allowing the aircraft to combine engine power with maneuver with high angles of attack to gain an advantage in dogfight. While the J-20 stealth fighter equipped with trust vectoring engine is also know to exist. The J-20 exhibiting high speed but inferior in maneuverability making it best suited for hit and run style attacks.


F-22 Raptor radar P-77 is designed to engage multiple targets under any weather conditions. The P-77 changes frequencies with seconds which makes F-22 more secure from any enemy electronic attacks.

The P-77 radar estimated range of 240 km against an 11 sq ft (1 m2) target and 400 km or more in narrow beams.

As far J-20 is concern, there is no official data available on it.


The F-22 significantly outperformed the J-20 in all most every aspects of combat capability except for combat radius. However the J-20 represents a significant leap and poses a serious and potential critical threats to the US air power, In its ability to intercept and launch deep strike but in the narrow role of air superiority beating the best fighters the F-22 set on a high leap.

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