Top Ten Countries with most Fighter Jets

Top Ten Countries with most Fighter Jets

The air force has become one of the most prominent parts of the aerial defense of any country. The Air force is mainly involved in aerial war and in-ground attacks as well. The production of fighter jets is on the rise as every country needs to secure its airspace. The top ten countries with most combat aircraft to secure their airspace.

United states

A total number of 2362 combat aircraft in the United States is number one. The united states are one of the most aircraft producing country and just like Russia the United States primarily use its homemade fighter aircraft which includes stealth fighter F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning, F-15 Eagle, F-15 SE, F-16, F-18 Super hornet


Heaving a total number 1668 combat aircraft the china is on number.2 of our list. The main weapons of the People Liberation Army air force include its homemade J-7, J-10, J-11, and J-20 stealth fighter while Russian made Sukhoi SU-27, Sukhoi SU-30, and Sukhoi SU-35.


Russia is one of the most aircraft-producing countries which has a total number of 1076 combat aircraft. The main weapons of the Russian air force include its homemade fighter jets like MIG-31, MIG-35, MIG-29, Sukhoi SU-27, Sukhoi SU-30, Sukhoi SU-34, Sukhoi SU-35, and Sukhoi SU-57 stealth fighter              


The Indian air has a total number of 589 combat aircraft and their main weapons include Sukhoi SU-30 MKI, Mirage-2000, MIG-29, MIG-21, and homemade Tejas.

North Korea

North Korea has a total number of 563 combat aircraft and its main weapons include Shenyang F-5, Shengang j-6, Chengdu J-7 MIG-21, MIG-23 Sukhoi SU-25.


 The Pakistan air force’s main weapons include F-16, homemade JF-17, Mirage-5 Mirage-3, and J-7, heaving a total number of 497 combat aircraft.

South Korea

South Korea flag waving against clean blue sky

The South Korean air force’s main weapons include the f4 phantom 2 recently purchased F-35 stealth fighter, F-16, F-15e, Northrop F-5, and the KAI t-50. They have a total number of 476 combat aircraft.


The Egypt Air force’s main Fighter jet includes F-16, Rafael, MIG-29M Mirage-2000, and Mirage-5. A total of 409 combat aircraft to secure its airspace.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian air force is mainly equipped with American fighter jets like the F-15 strike eagle, Euro fighter Typhoon,  Panavia Tornado, and F-15c. with a total number of 351 combat aircraft.  


The Israeli Air force is mainly equipped with F-16, F-15 strike eagle and recently purchased F-35 stealth fighter. The Israeli air force has a total of 329 fighter jets that are ready to go in a combat situation and to secure its airspace.

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