How Seventh Generation Fighter jets will be

Every generation of fighter jets introduces some new technological characteristics. We think that some of the most never-before-seen technologies by today’s fighter pilots will be available in 7th-generation fighters. Let’s go over some of it.

Invisible or Super Stealthier

It will be very stealthy, have a high survivability threshold in any circumstance, and can be deployed anywhere on the planet.

2. Unnamed or no Pilot

Unmanned UCAV with the option of a cockpit

3. Increase speed

Easily transition from subsonic to hypersonic speed with Super cruise capability.

4. Laser Weapon

Carry unconventional weapons like EPBM( electronic particle beam weapons ) or even Scalar weapons

5. Advanced Avionics

NEXGEN advanced communication & RADAR system for network-centric warfare including Space-based BMC3.

Easy maintenance & Repair capability having smart materials with self-healing/correcting metallurgical properties.

6. shield wall

Should have the ability to create forcefields that can block Bullets and possibly some basic Missiles. 

7. Solar Powered

The aircraft should be Solar powered. Not by Petroleum-based Fuels.

The Plane should have a shell that can create a Vaccum in the innermost region between the plane and the shell. This will help for faster speeds and even protection also, if necessary.

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