Can a MIG-31 Detect an F-22 Raptor

Can a MIG-31 Detect an F-22 Raptor

The F-22 Raptor is NOT stealth for radars with frequencies under 3GHz, L-band = 1–2 GHz. MiG-31BM has L-band radars in its wings.

The R-37M was not designed to shoot down jet fighters, but rather to shoot down tankers, AWACS, and other C4ISTAR aircraft while maintaining the launch platform. out of range of any warriors who may be guarding the target.

Can a MIG-31 Detect an F-22 Raptor
Can a MIG-31 Detect an F-22 Raptor
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The AIM-120D is still a long way from reaching the market: like the rest of the AMRAAM family, the guidance system contains 50% of now-obsolete parts that won’t be produced for a long time. Raytheon has maintenance contracts for the missiles they created, so if they start using their NOS parts to build brand new AIM-120Ds, they’ll be sued by all of their clients and lose any future business, not just for AAMs

Actually, the MiG-31’s mission is to kill their refuellers and deliver this wonderful hypersonic suppository to their airfield or aircraft carrier, not to engage in a fight with jet fighters.

The MiG-31 is widely used in Russian naval aviation, and… shooting down jet fighters isn’t really necessary when they run out of fuel and have nowhere to land!

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